Our People

Our people are as diverse as the many fields they represent.    It is the people who make working at Greater Atlanta Christian School (GAC) richly satisfying.    See what just a few of our employees have to say.

“I wanted to make an eternal difference in the lives of teenagers but my major was math. At GAC, every day I get to see kids grow not only in their understanding of math, but also in their walk with Christ. Through mission trips they know me not only as Mr. Beasley the math teacher, but also as Mr. Beasley the person. Because of our size, I may get to teach a child more than once and have an ongoing relationship with them. More than once, students return two or three years after high school and tell me how I helped make a difference in their lives, not only academically, but also spiritually. God changes their lives, but our watering makes a difference.”

         Senior High Teacher - Terry Beasley

"Forty one years ago this year, I came to GACS as a foster parent of teenage girls. It has been my privilege and honor to also see my own 4 children educated at GAC over the years.  The next generation of my family is also here, as my grandson is currently in 7th grade.  Working here at GAC for the past 9 years as Food Services Director has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.  Our staff is made up of moms and grandparents who have come to work here because they want their children to have a Christian education and work in a Christian environment.

Our staff works hard to care for the nutrition of these precious children every day. We always work to create an environment rich with caring, serving, and LOVE!  Many of our students come back to us from college and tell us how much they miss their “GAC lunch ladies” and our great food. For me it is a blessing to come to work every day!  As staff employees, we always reach out to the needs of our immediate circle, but also to others in our GAC community who need the love of Jesus.  We strive to be the face of Jesus each day. I feel that God put me in this wonderful place to be able to use my talents daily, and it has been such a joy!”

        Food Services Director – Carolyn Maddox