Time Off

Greater Atlanta Christian’s (GAC) time off policy is comprised of the following:

Vacation Days (12-month full-time employees)

ü 5 days of vacation with one year of completed service
ü 10 days of vacation with two years of completed service
ü 15 days of vacation with 10+ years of completed service

Sick Days

ü 6 to 12 sick days, depending on hours worked annually
ü 2 sick days may be used as personal days

Holidays (12-month full-time employees)

ü 10 paid holidays

Jury Duty and Bereavement

ü Paid time off is provided for jury duty and bereavement

Unpaid Family and Medical Leave

ü Family leave of up to 12 weeks for birth, adoptive or foster parents
ü Medical leave of up to 12 weeks for treatment of a serious medical condition

Benefits vary by employee type.   The time off described above applies to administrative and professional staff and support staff.   Faculty members should contact their school administrator for information on policies in their school.