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Elementary School


Brad Schultz

The GAC Elementary School is not only interested in the minds of students but also in the development of the whole child. The Elementary School is recognized for providing one of the finest academic programs available and is a training ground for the development of Christian faith and character. Students are provided a Christian worldview in a culture that is largely dominated by secular perspectives.

Elementary School teachers feel that their work goes far beyond simple dissemination of knowledge, so they teach students how to use the information they receive to make a difference both in their immediate communities and beyond. The teachers’ caring for students as individuals reflects the school's abiding commitment to hearts as well as minds. The core curriculum challenges students to reach their full potential, and several course offerings provide enrichment both during and after school.

The GAC Elementary School educates the total child; this practice in turn produces well adjusted students who know the habit of excellence and the spirit of giving.

Academic excellence at GAC continues in the elementary school as students receive a crucial foundation for the college-preparatory courses that they will take in the upper schools. In Grades 1-5, the core curriculum includes the following subjects: Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Bible, Computer, Foreign Language, Art, Music, and Physical Education.


Administration and Staff 

Mr. Brad Schultz
Early Childhood & Elementary Principal, K3-5 


Mrs. Rhonda Helms
Assistant Principal, K3-5


Mr. Antwawn Sheats
Elementary Counselor


Mrs. Terri Williams
Elementary Administrative Assistant


 Mrs. Teresa Howard
Elementary Office Assistant