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Dean of Academics  770-243-2263
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Counseling Office 770-243-2360
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Tue 3:15-4:45pm
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Fri 7:00-7:50am


Senior High Registrar


Dainna Mayfield

The Registrar's office maintains all school records, scheduling, transcribing all new students' transcripts and report cards, and sends out transcripts for all transferring students and graduates applying to various colleges or schools. See below for information that will allow students and parents to request transcripts on-line and provide information important to the student regarding complete records, SAT/ACT, immmunizations, transcripts, good student reports, and certificate of attendance.

Registrar Requests and Information

Online Transcript Requests 
Withdrawal and Permanent Records Request
SAT/ACT Scores
Good Student Reports
Certificate of Attendance



Withdrawal and Permanent Records Request
The withdrawal process begins with a phone call or email to Anne Hood (770-243-2216) or Kathy Klueber (770-243-2217) in the business office. They will in turn notify the correct secretary. All books must be returned and bookstore, library, lunchroom and business office accounts must be satisfied before records will be released.

To obtain records for testing or tutorial, a written consent for the release with your signature will be needed. Usually a faxed copy sent from the learning center or Doctor will suffice. Our fax number is 770-243-2268

When requesting records please include your child's full name (including middle initial) and the grade in which they are presently enrolled. There is NO charge for records.

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SAT/ACT Scores

To ensure that the most up to date and accurate record will be sent to the perspective college, it is our policy that test scores must be obtained from the testing agency. We can not guarantee we have your student’s full and accurate record on file.

To obtain a copy of your complete SAT record online:

To obtain a copy of your complete ACT record online:

Most records are $11.00 per request. Remember while signing up for the test, the agency will send up to 4 complete records to the schools of your choice free of charge. You should allow at least four to six weeks for your requests to be processed through the testing agencies.

Our school educational testing # is 112278.

For more information on the actual SAT or ACT please go to the college counselors’ website.  (Lori Davis and Beverly Dowdy - College Counselors)

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Immunizations are an important part of the students’ permanent record. Georgia requires a copy of the birth certificate, immunization record #3300 and #3231. You may need to check the expiration date of the vaccinations. These forms include Hepatitis B and the 2nd MMR.  Copies of the immunization record will be made on request. Just e-mail me at

All immunizations will be returned to your senior student on graduation night. GACS does not maintain immunization records for past students.

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Good Student Reports
When your insurance company requests proof of your student’s good grades the last report card will suffice. Generally, the insurance company does not need a separate form with a school officials’ signature.

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Certificate of Attendance
A Certificate of Attendance required by the DMV for driving permits and licenses may be obtained from Mrs. Tina Martin in the Senior High office.  She has the required form which will be signed and notarized. Any questions regarding this please call 770-243-2254.


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