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Varsity Softball

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Varsity Softball


 Judy Tenney
Head Coach


     During the spring semester you may have seen shirts around campus promoting our softball program and our theme for the coming
season. Our theme scripture comes from Ephesians 6 where we are reminded that we are engaged in spiritual warfare every day. So
this year our theme is "On the Attack."  This scripture gives us symbolically what we need, and suggests that we engage the enemy. 
     As we look at this theme from a softball perspective, let's remember that we have no enemies on the softball field, only opponents and
umpires.  We will work hard, improve, and aggressively attack our opponents with the gifts God has given us, but after the game is over, we join
with our opponents and pray that we can all be one as spiritual warriors. 
     So if you are looking for a group of people who are primed to be "On the Attack," come out and meet us. We will be practicing each
Monday and Wednesday throughout the summer with only two exceptions. Check the softball calendar for the times.