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Counseling at GAC

As a resource for students and their families, the GAC Counseling Office offers assistance with academic, social, and emotional needs of our students.  Our qualified counselors assist students in developing their individual talents and potential by determining proper academic placement, learning study and time management skills, and understandingthe importance of personal development and other life skills.  Promoting cooperation, collaboration, and understanding among students and their peers, students and their teachers, and students and their parents is of prime importance to school success.  Our counseling staff facilitates classroom guidance activities, small groups for specific needs, and individual counseling.

Counseling contacts for each age group are as follows:       

Early Childhood Village & Elementary School
Antwawn Sheats

Junior High School
Rebekah Gilliard

MItchell Baker

Senior High School
Lori Davis, Senior High Counseling Chair

  • MItchell Baker     - 9th Grade Academic / Personal Counseling 
  • Donna Pate     - 10th Grade Academic / Personal Counseling 
  • Beverly Dowdy - 11th - 12th Grade Academic / Personal Counseling (A-L) 
  • Lori Davis        - 11th - 12th Grade Academic / Personal Counseling (M-Z)
  • Adam Paa       - Crisis and Intervention Counseling    (Grades 10-12)

Dainna Mayfield 

SH Counseling Administrative Assistant
Diane Jones 


As advocates for the students, counselors at all levels help parents and teachers understand normal child development through parenting classes, small group discussions, and individual appointments.  Counselors are responsible for coordinating all standardized testing which is administered to their students. The Counseling staff is also available for interpreting individual test scores for parents and teachers.