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International Studies

International Studies is a unique Study Abroad program providing high school students the opportunity to earn academic credit while touring foreign countries. Prior to each trip, student will learn about the countries they will visit. Then during Spring Break and at the end of the school year, students travel internationally under the leadership of high school teachers.

When Dr. Michael Adams became the President of the University of Georgia, he stated that one of his major goals was to make UGA a national leader in international study abroad programs. Today among leading universities in the nation, UGA is in the Top 10 in student participation in Study Abroad programs.

While Study Abroad programs are common in universities, they are not so common in high schools. However, GAC has provided Study Abroad opportunities to students for more than 25 years. Students have enjoyed rich cultural experiences traveling in Europe, Central America, and Asia.

For many students, their Study Abroad program is the highlight of their high school experience. In fact, when the 2008 Student Body Co-President was asked at Homecoming what was the highlight of his high school years, he immediately replied, “My trip to China.” Alan traveled to both China and Thailand with the GAC International Studies program.

A guiding theme of the International Studies program is Travel Changes Lives. Like students in major universities, GAC students who Study Abroad are changed significantly by their travels. Students begin to see themselves more clearly as citizens participating in a global economy. They become more attuned to current events, international relations, and world politics. Often they begin thinking about careers in international law, business, and economics. The Study Abroad program provides students authentic learning of history, art, and culture while they simultaneously mature in independence and responsibility.

Students who participate in International Studies find their experiences invaluable as they write their college admissions essays and college admissions interviews. Students also have one semester of social studies credit added to their academic transcript. Clearly the International Studies program helps students grow in wisdom and in favor with God and man.

In 2013, the International Studies trip invites students and parents to explore the major sights in both London and Paris. The dates of this amazing trip are June 3-10, 2013. For details, please contact Dr. Sandy Spiceland at or 770-243-2257. 

Video - Study Abroad Program Overview 
Video - Study Abroad in London & Paris 2013